Black Roses is a brand strategy and experience firm based in Riverside, CA.

Creativity is the ability to solve problems with style–to change quickly, but build for the long haul. We thrive on finding creativity in the cracks; places where we can dream big and act boldly because no one has thought to try it there before.

We’re looking for problems to solve and great convictions to bring to life. We help identify and refine strategy, turn dreams into tangible experiences, and tell stories that get people to follow the risk takers.


We move, build, and create quickly because we trust each other deeply.


Dex Alexander

Founder and CEO

Dex is your creative secret weapon. His insights move leaders to take their next leap of faith by identifying their core convictions, developing creative solutions, and inspiring action.


Bethany Cordes


Bethany's superpower is in the details: budgets, timelines, and logistics. She ensures your projects are done on time and on point.


Justin Pardee


Justin focuses on developing new products, shared projects, and long-term partnerships.


Merea Price


Merea is your best friend and secret agent. She translates your goals, develops your strategy, and relentlessly advocates on your behalf.