Abeba Collection

Abeba Collection

Handcrafting an artisan brand

The Abeba Collection was founded out of a desire to support the artisan community in Ethiopia and empower female business leaders and entrepreneurs.

With the name of the company chosen, a handful of artisan products and partnerships formed, they approached us with their dream to give these women a platform in the global market.

They needed a lifestyle brand created that would honor the beauty and spirit of their artisans and help them stand out in the crowded fashion market.


The Voice

Our first priority was to position The Abeba Collection well by defining  the language, voice, and tone for all of their communication.

Purposefully crafted, thoughtfully purchased, and intentionally connected.


The Mark

The brand mark had to feel modern and elevated to identify the collection as  premium products; and from a practical sense, it had to look great embossed on leather.


The clean, modern look of the final mark captures the essence of the upscale brand we were creating.

The System

The grounded and warm color palette, refined type, and duo-toned photography give the brand a refined and focused look and feel, highlighting the natural beauty of the products. The secondary marks, variations of the logo, and font pairings all give the brand a depth that will build into longevity. 


Washed out tones of a desert sunset were the natural background for the first collection’s lookbook.

The Store

This brand building journey culminated with the launch of their online store, bringing the works of these artisans into the global market. The mark, the system, and the photos come to life on abebacollection.com.


Finding the soul of your brand and bringing it to life is our passion. Let’s talk.

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