Design West Engineering

Design West Engineering

Engineering a brand update for engineers.

Nearly 20 years after two engineers founded Design West Engineering, they moved to expand their firm from a single-location serving Southern California to multiple locations serving the entire West Coast. It was time to bring the same attention to detail to their brand as they do to their work.


Design that just works

The engineers at Design West sweat the details of every project as they design the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems you expect to work, but really never notice. We approached their brand refresh with that same mentality.

We started by addressing their logo which had served Design West well, but with many small imperfections. Small changes to line weight, alignment, and spacing refined the mark.


We worked closely with the in-house marketing team to restructure their content, refine their website’s design, and implement a content management system giving them the ability to quickly and confidently manage their content.


After refreshing the logo and website, we’ve maintained our relationship with Design West to tackle projects like developing a style guide for the brand and building out a comprehensive design system to keep a standard of excellence and consistency.

Black Roses is a next level kind of consultant. It’s not just about how to make something look nicer or sound better. They take us into the trenches of strategy and help us to communicate in new ways that are differentiated, relevant, and true to who we are.
— Jeremy Richard, Director of Business Development

Sweating the details of your brand is our thing, let’s talk about yours.

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